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Muse Cycles are built with a custom blend of tubing from True Temper,  Dedacciai, Colombus, Reynolds and Aircraft grade 4130. Tubing selection is based on a number of factors including rider size, weight, intended use, ride characteristics, and the overall ability of the particular piece of tubing to meet the unique design requirements. By utilizing a custom blend of tubing, Lyle is able to deliver a truely custom bicycle in both form and function.

Muse Cycles are built utilizing a combination of TIG welding, fillet brazed and lugged construction techniques. All three methods have advantages and disadvantages, all methods can be effectively used to build beautiful, durable and functional bicycles. Unless the customer specifies a particular construction technique, Lyle uses what he feels is an ideal balance of effective, efficient, and esthetic joining method for the particular joint at hand. This is why it is not uncommon to see a combination of all three construction techniques on one bicycle.

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