Complete Bicycles

If you have spent much time reading this website – it should be no surprise to you to know that Lyle prefers to make complete bicycles versus Frame sets.

Lyle has worked very hard establishing and tending to his wholesale suppliers to ensure that he is able to offer very competitive pricing on complete bicycles.

So if your complete bicycle requires components ranging from the ultra boutique “Made in Small Factory in USA” to plain old run of the mill parts from “Taiwan” – you can be pretty sure Lyle can get it at a fair price.

You will no longer find lists of complete bicycles and build kits – it just takes too much time to keep up to date with current pricing and parts. Lyle prefers to spend his time building bikes as opposed to spending time looking up pricing on parts and posting it on this website.

So if you are serious about a complete bicycle – begin the conversation and Lyle will be more than happy to give you a estimate on a complete bicycle.

  • Please DO NOT ask Lyle to provide parts if you do not purchase a complete bicycle!
  • Muse Cycles is not a bike shop – and has no interest in being one. 
  • Muse Cycles sells parts and components for complete bicycles only!







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